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Carolyn is a health and wellness expert who delivers presentations that empower audiences to face the stuff that keeps them stuck - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Using real-world examples, pulled from years of experience, Carolyn brings light to the healing and wholeness that result from addressing pain patterns and fixed mindsets. Audiences love her warmth and energy as she delivers practical insights on tough topics which can be applied personally and professionally. 

When she's not speaking or writing, you can find her working with coaching and bodywork clients at her health care center, Cary Integrative Health. Outside of work she can be found on horseback with her mare, Godiva, or at home with her husband, daughter, and menagerie of pets. Though health is always priority, Friday nights she's in with the fam eating pizza, watching movies, and painting nails. 

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Let's Talk about...


In Defense of Being Selfish: About the importance of flipping the narrative of self-care in order to heal our traumas and reach our dreams

Allowing Human

Getting Cozy with Your Dark Side: About finding power in the essential practice of facing your shadow-self.


Poster Child of Failure: About the necessity of embracing and reframing our relationship with failure to find success.



Anna S.
HR Manager

I was blown away. Her view on failure was just what I needed to hear. It's been a huge obstacle for me! 


Elizabeth R.
Stay at Home Mom

Being seen as selfish was always seen as a bad thing. Now I understand how and why I need to put myself first; it's really a health issue!


Rebecca M.
Small Business Owner 

I love her message about striving to be human, not perfect. It allows grace into the equation, and that's something we all could use!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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